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The provision of Immunoglobulins

for treatment at home is funded by the Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee (WHSSC) on an individual patient basis. It is vital that the treatment is both clinically effective and safe. In order to ensure that this is the case, certain Key Performance Indicators must be met.  It is a WHSSC requirement that the Clinical Immunology Team complies with the following:imagesIBQZS4HB

  • Infusion logs are completed by the patient and sent in for monitoring on a three monthly basis.


This allows the Clinical Team to monitor the progress of the infusions and provides traceability of products for your safety.

  • Blood samples are sent in for testing every three months.


This ensures that the clinical team can tailor therapy to your clinical needs and follow up on any abnormalities.

  • Availability for annual/two yearly home visits.


Home visits are carried out according to individual need. This is generally once a year for two years; then two yearly thereafter. Home visits are arranged by Immunodeficiency Centre for Wales Nursing staff at a mutually convenient time.

  • The patient attends their Immunology Clinic Appointments for review.


Regular reviews with the Immunology Centre for Wales Consultants are essential to ensure clinically effective and safe treatment regimens are in place for each individual patient. You should be reviewed at least yearly or more often if required.


If the patient does not meet the requirements detailed above, it is the Immunodeficiency Centre for Wales’s responsibility to act to ensure the safety of the patient’s therapy. A verbal reminder will be given initially. This will be followed by a reminder letter asking the patient to provide the missing information/blood samples, or attend a home visit or clinic appointment. If the patient does not act on these reminders, home therapy will be withdrawn.