Colin Price / Research Update Section
3a78b8fHello! My name is Colin Price, and I am a research nurse attached to the Immunology team at the University Hospital of Wales (UHW). You may have seen me loitering around outpatients and the infusion unit, and I’m grateful for this chance to explain what I’m doing there.
The Immunology team at UHW have always been active in researching immunodeficiency, but not always had the resources to do as much as they wanted. That’s where I come in. I work Monday to Wednesday in the department, helping the team prepare, co-ordinate, and carry out research studies relevant to our patient group. We currently have one active immunodeficiency study (comparing different strengths of intravenous immunoglobulin) but are planning to take on many more. These include (amongst others): looking at the use of inhaled immunoglobulin; comparing pumps to syringes for giving subcutaneous immunoglobulin; and monitoring the rate of low-level infections in immunodeficient patients.
So, I may be approaching you in the coming weeks and months, asking you to take part in some of these studies. Research is impossible without the help of patients willing to give a little extra time and effort to help advance our understanding and treatment of diseases. Because immunodeficiency is a relatively rare group of conditions, research is that much more difficult, which makes your help all the more valuable. The treatments we provide are based on years of research, made possible by the help of past patients who wanted to improve the lives of patients in the future. I hope, if you get the chance, you will consider being part of that ongoing improvement of people’s lives.
If you are interested in being more involved in how research is delivered in Wales, you can join the Involving People Network, a Welsh Government organisation aimed at increasing public participation in research design and development. Just search for “Involving People”, or go to their website at:
Thanks. Colin Price, Research Nurse.