A Donation From Lleisiau’r Cwm Ladies choir


Lleisiau’r Cwm Ladies choir from the Amman Valley present a cheque to David Mathew and Tommy Browne ( representing the Imune Deficiency Patient Group Wales) following their Christmas Lleisiau’r Cwm Ladies choir from the Amman Valley present a cheque to David Mathew and Tommy Concert on November 30th 2013 in St Michaels’s Church Ammanford. The artists were Heddyr Gregory, pupils from Ysgol y Bedol school, Steffan Morris the famous cellist from Neath, and Samuel Morris, the promising soloist from Llanelli. The choir would like to thank everyone for their support and especially so the members of St Michael’s Church Ammanford for the welcome. In the picture from left to right, Marlene Mathias( Vice- treasurer), Ann Jones(Treasurer), Elin Rees(Secretary), Rhian Bevan( Vice- Chairman), and Catrin Hughes(conductor).    £500.00 To the immune deficiency patient group wales
Mostyn was about 9 months old when it was discovered he had the rare condition XLA after he had been ill with several illnesses which the doctors felt was rather unusual.  For approximately 18 months he was treated with immunoglobulin (sorry if I’ve spelt that wrongly) at the paediatric ward at Morriston Hospital.  This was distressing for both Mostyn and his parents (Laura and Richard Carthew) but eventually they were shown how to administer the immunoglobulin to Mostyn at home.  As you can imagine this is still upsetting to a child so young. Mostyn will be 4 at the end of March.  However, he appears to be a happy and healthy child and loves all the things other 3 year old little boys like to do.

I have attached some photographs that were taken today at Morriston Hospital when Lleisiau’r Cwm Treasurer, Ann Jones and myself called to donate the other £500 we raised.  Although Mostyn likes to have his photo taken normally (he is at the bottom of one of the photographs) he would not join the main group today.

Best wishes